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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  November 5, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PST

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november 5th. the republicans have taken control over the united senate in a tidal wave. >> it was a night filled with close contests, in fact, not many of them were that close. republicans picked up more than the six seats they needed to take control of the senate. now, there are still races that remain unsettled in alaska and louisiana which is headed to a runoff. as it stands right now, republicans will hold at least 52 seats in the senate picking up at least 7. democrats will hold 45 seats. west virginia has its first female u.s. senator. shelli moore capito defeated natalie tenant. another key pickup for republicans in south dakota before former governor mike rounds easily defeated rick
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we'llland and larry pressler to fill the seat vacated by tim johnson. montana, steve dayne easily defeating amanda curtis there. after john welsh withdrew over revelations that he had plagiarized much of his speeches. >> in "argo," tom cotton defeated mark pryor. pryor had tried to run away from president obama whose approval rating was 34%. history made iowa, republican senate joni ernst picking up the seat vacated by tom harkin. ernst was the first in iowa. the candidate spent an estimated
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$80 million in campaign ads. and of course had the support of the clintons and michelle obama as well. in colorado, a surprisingly easy wane for republican cory gardner unseeding mark udall. this was supposed to be neck and neck. the udall, the first incumbent senator to be voted out of office in 36 years. thom tillis defeated kay hagan finally giving the gop the control. and in kansas, republican senator pat roberts won relegislation tweeting self-funded independent challenger greg orman. and in virginia, ed gillespie has not conceded the election
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race. jeanne shaheen will hold on to her senate seat, her republican challenger conceding after balking. and mitch mcconnell is expected to become the next majority leader. >> let's focus on the two races where the outcome is still not known. in louisiana neither senator mary landrieu nor any of her opponents got more than 50% needed. the race will go to a runoff on december 6th. and in alaska, where the polls didn't close to after midnight, they are still counting right now. that's where we begin in anchorage. cnn's drew griffin is there. >> a lot of people wondering why this race hasn't called. dan sullivan is leading substantially 60% to 54% over
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the one-term senator mark begich. 73% of the vote in, i just talked to the mathematicians, they say still we don't have enough information to find out where the outlying votes are to call this race. certainly, usually a republican state, the tone of the evening, the ground game that we've been looking at here, this looks like it's going to be a republican pickup. we just can't say right now. so this state in terms of the senate race is just on hold. and we have to continue to wait for more of the vote to come in. in the meantime -- >> go ahead, drew. >> in the meantime, this state has picked up unvictory, alaska senior senator republican lisa murkowski, she's now going out to the senate as chairman of the energy commission. i caught up with her after a snippet of how she expects the
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republican party to govern now that they have the senate. she basically thinks it's time for the republicans to put up or shut up. and they need to work just as hard now as they did during this campaign, john. >> yeah, that is the big discussion this morning. what will they do with control of the senate. drew griffin, thanks so much. so the winner of the louisiana race will not be known for weeks, neither of the republican challengers got more than 50% of the vote needed to win outright. so it that race will be decided in a two-candidate runoff, mary landrieu, democrat, bill cassidy, the republican, suzanne malveaux live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, when they call this the jungle primary, clearly, there's going to be 32 days to actually determine who's going to win, who coming out on top of this. i had spoken to senator land drew earlier in the day.
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she was calm that she had that 51.1 plus percent. she came out very forceful in the evening talking about this is not going to be a race about the president, whether or not he was competent back then or now or who he'll become. that was something she stressed. cassidy, on the other hand, immediately, when he took to the stage compared her to the president. and that 60% of louisiana voters had voted for change. there's a very clear difference between these two candidates, louisiana voters decides. landrieu supports the affordable care act, cassidy calls it the unaffordable care act. she also believes in raising the
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minimum wage $10 an hour. cassidy is not for that. she said some people in the parrishes of louisiana actually, the life expectancy of african-americans is at 70 years old so that would not happen. so, john, it's not like you have two candidates that are similar at all. they are polar opposites. and this is really about what kind of senator they want to send back to walk. landrieu is trying to project a sense of confidence saying she's done this before. at least two other runoffs she's been successful. is this not her first rodeo. but you've got to think this is a big challenge for her and her team. because the tea party candidate actually took away 14% of the votes. >> the one race that's headed into overtime, we hope you get a chance to come home, suzanne malveaux, thanks so much.
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christine? >> the house of representatives, republicans were able to strengthen their hand. once again a few races remain undecided at the moment. republicans have 21 new seats. that's a minimum of seven more than the 234 they hold at the moment. democrats hold 174. that will almost certainly strengthen the hand against president obama. we want to bring in the team, john avlon, editor of the daily beast, margaret hoover, errol louis, and sally kohn for the daily news. i want to start in iowa. the faces do not change in iowa. the governor there was there when i was a little girl in iowa. and now there's a new name and face. her name is joni ernst. listen to her last night. >> look at what they're doing in washington, higher taxes, more spending, more debt.
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and the slowest economic recovery since the great depression. but tonight, we're taking the iowa way all the way to washington. and we are going to make them squeal. >> that's, of course, a reference to the ad that helped her really break out from the republican pack early on that she grew up castrating hogs and knew thousand cut wood. >> this is not only the first female to be elected state wide in iowa, but she's going to be the senate's first female combat veteran. >> yeah. >> which is great for republicans. >> so what kind of lead-in will she be, and what kind of governing will this now united house and senate do? >> well, the deal with joni ernst is she's going to be a major player. she's an overnight republican star. she's going to be the most indemand surrogate. everyone is thinking for running
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for president she's now on speed dial and their new best friend. but the question is how does this style meet the substance? the rhetoric from republicans, they learned, she shied away from social issues. democrats played off of social issues. republicans need to focus on the economy. if they extend the rhetoric of washington, it will be important. >> i think it's important to highlight the senate as a body and the house of representatives. in the senate, you've got 100 senators and each of them can stop the progress on that team. but what you will also see, just like this year, in two years, you have seven blue state republicans who are out. so no senator that's a republican is going to try to run to the light. >> and what happened to mark udall? we're talk about social issues. in that race, it was the democrat talking about women's issues more than republicans,
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and he lost. >> first of all, i have to push back on this tidal wave. if i hear this again, my head will explode. this is nod a tidal wave. this was predicted to happen. republicans started out more optimistic. they were planning to take 44 to 45 seats in the house. they ended up targeting only 11. traditionally, republicans in a six-year election would lose 29 and they're only going to be 11 or 12, maybe 13. that's point one. point number two, in colorado, look arguably by pointing out where cory gardner stood on reproductive issues and reproductive rights. that's what made the difference for udall. let's be clear part of what saved gardner is he co-sponsored incredibly ex treerths incredibly unpopular personhood legislation which the voters struck down. and then he ran away from it.
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he ran away from it realizing how popular it was. >> there's a lot of talk of a new wave of democratic women candidates coming forward. they were supposed to succeed in had kentucky. they were supposed to succeed in texas, it didn't work out. the fact that it worked to the republicans' benefit tells you that closing the gap is -- >> the war on women is definitively crushed. >> whoa. >> john, you've got to take it away. >> okay. the governors' races were also extremely pro-republican in this country. in this election. we're holding off projecting races in a few races. as of now republicans took over four states while democrats picked up one. illinois, the state that the president happens to be from, bruce rounds defeated pat quinn. and republican businessman larry
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hogan winning and defeated anthony ron. and another deep blue problem for the democrats, in massachusetts, charlie baker won the race over democrat martha coakley. a new republican governor in arkansas, former homeland security official asa hutchinson defeating mike ross giving control of that top office after eight years in the hands of democrats. republicans also won tight races. florida, reelecting republican rick scott to a second term. that's a set jk to new democrat charlie crist. scott spent nearly $13 million of his own money in this contest. in wisconsin, scott walker easily won re-election to a second term over double digits to mary burke. this keeps walker in the mix as
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a potential presidential candidate in 2016. republicans held on to the state house in georgia. republicans gave incumbent nathan deal four more years. he defeated jason carter, the grandson of former president jimmy carter. and doug ducey won over fred duval. ducey is best known for building the coldstone creamery ice cream chain before selling the company in 2011 and getting into politics. republicans lost only one state house. pennsylvania. democrat tom wolf is the new governor of pennsylvania. he defeated the republican governor tom corbett in his bid for re-election. i didn't even mention, guy, the two super close races that we haven't predicted yet.
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colorado, the democrat john hickenlooper still hanging on. and dan malloy barely tied with republican tom foley. that was the state where president obama, john, traveled to campaign. >> yes, he did. as well as in maryland where stunning upset for the democrats. in the case of malloy, it's particularly interesting, not so long ago when there were things called northeastern republicans who roamed the earth, they are back. charlie baker, back. big signature win, republican governor of massachusetts now. but of the fact that that race hasn't gotten caught up in that wave is significant mostly because malloy has governed for a working party kind of agenda. a lot of folks thought that would be more likely. a rematch with tom foley. the hickenlooper organization in colorado, but the denver post seems to think that hickenlooper pulls this out.
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he was one of the few democrats to win in that tea party wave of 2010 but he's had no overcede the democratic move there. >> i want to go to another state not up for re-election. chris christie. and the governor there, this was a big night for him? >> it was a very big night. i don't think anyone thought they would do as well as they did. they raised a lot of money. is there was a squirmish between rick scott who said -- scott walker who said -- >> it's like we're married. just for the record, we are actually married. true, it was a great night for chris christie because they wanted it. it looks like we have a new face
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of chris christie leaning forward towards 2016. >> republicans really thought they were going to lose maybe half a dozen -- >> they thought they were in trouble. maryland wasn't even part of the discussion. >> no, very true. >> and this is what shows you that it is in some degree a wave election. that there were things happening in places where nobody was looking. you can go into individualial congressional districts and seeing the same thing. one thing we're pointing out about chris christie's travels he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. it became transparently clear that he was looking out more for chris christie than the republican party. >> that would be shocking. that would be shocking. >> again, this is a good map for republicans. and we also have to look at the reality when you look at voter turnout, it still puts chris christie and the republicans in a tough position for 2016, when you see almost every single race, certainly in the national exit polls that republicans were
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elected largely by older are white voters. two years in the future, 20 years in the future that is not the formula. >> and the demographics are something we'll talk about in a few minutes. republicans take control of the u.s. senate sweeping midterm elections across the country. numerous state houses now turn over to the gop and senator mitch mcconnell. will he be able to get their agenda passed? president obama with the details of their own party already looking ahead to 2016. smo so much moral of "early start" special election coverage next. ? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? lactaid®. 100% real milk.
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in georgia, most forecasters thought that senate race could very well go it a runoff. instead, the republican, david perdue beat michelle nunn by four points. >> this was a surprise, nick. >> this was a surprise, also in the perdue campaign. so many people were prepared for a long and exciting night. that's not what we got here in gging. many analysts thought this would be a runoff, no one thought they would get the 50% plus that one 1 needed. i talked to someone some the nunn campaign who said they were confident about an outright win. a couple hours after the polls closed it was a different story. those ballots got tallied up and it showed that david perdue was going to pull away and that's exactly what he did.
1:23 am
in his victory speech, he told cnn that voters here in georgia are sending a message to president barack obama showing that they're not happy with him. nunn, she was more upbeat that proves that a democratic candidate can be competitive in the state of georgia but really at the end of the day, christine, she came up short. >> and that perdue did a good job of tying michelle nunn to obama's policies. >> president obama was a big problem for democratic candidates all over the country. how big of a problem? let's take a look. let's look at north carolina here. this was a republican pickup in this state. the voters there, 57% say they disapprove of how president obama is handling his job. you'll be surprised that 82% say they voted for the republican thom tillis. let's took at a couple of other states that tell a story. colorado this is a state that president obama won price. 56% of the voters in colorado
1:24 am
say they disapprove of the job the president is doing. of those, 79% voted for cory gardner. iowa, this is a state that launched president obama into the political stratosphere where he won there. 60% disapprove of the president right now. and virginia, we have not projected a winner there. between ed gillespie, the republican and the incumbent democrat mark warner. 58% of voters in the state of virginia say they disapprove of the job the president is doing. this could help explain why it's been so difficult for mark warner to put this away. of those who disapprove of the president's job, 81% are voting for the republican ed gillespie. you can see how the president is playing in races around the country. christine. increased minimum wage, more liberal marijuana laws gaining
1:25 am
wide voter approval. let's start in arkansas where there was another ringing endorsement for a higher minimum wage. only two-thirds of the voters approving incremental increases to $8.50 an hour. voters in illinois approved a nonbinding measure to raise the minimum wage by $10 next year. supporters hope it will add an amendment to a legislative proposal. the wage in nebraska increases to $9 an hour after voters in the cornhuskers approve the state ace first minimum wage increase in five years. and south dakota, too, voters narrowly approving an increase to $8.50 an hour starting january 1st. it would be tied to inflation. or oregon is now the third state to legalize medical marijuana. in florida, voters narrowly
1:26 am
rejected a proposal to legalize medical marijuana. that received 50% of the vote. 60% for that to pass. washington state voters they did approve initiative 594 initially for gun shows and online but also voters tightened gun control measures with two ballot measures. issue 591 rejected by voters. would have loosened gun control laws by prohibiting background checks on guns. i want to go to the cnn analysts for their thoughts. whether there's a theme here. as we're saying the minimum wage, income equality. this was a stealth factor in these elections. those are obama policies. president obama wants to raise the minimum wage. and in these red states even, the minimum wage increases pass. sally? >> i mean, look, the president
1:27 am
said he wasn't on the ballot, his policies were. to an extent, when you look at the minimum wage, when you look at the rejection of these extreme anti-abortion measures, it says that's true. and again, in red states, is this a weird message voters have sent. they've sent only one, to raise the minimum wage. we want people to have access to abortion. we want pot. and then send republic dans to congress who oppose all of these things and the reason we don't have minimum wage increases at the federal level. >> that shows state where is things are happen. they have been happening in washington. they have not been able to get a minimum wage through in washington. 79% of republicans agree to a raise of the minimum wage. >> right. successful republicans who won in elections tonight, they know how to read polls. they know how to take the temperature of the people. it's very interesting in kentucky, during the debate where mitch mcconnell was defending his record and going forward. it's pointed out that 500,000 kentuckians have used that state's exchange to get
1:28 am
obamacare. which he says, well if they want to keep that website, they can keep that website. what you're going to see, what politics are supposed to do, people migrating toward the center where people are and that's really what this represents. >> i certainly agree with that evolutionary view of politics. but the core contradiction for people who oppose minimum wage and then voting for minimum wage is fascinating. and it speaks to a certain blue collar conservatism that makes sense. and should red state republicans if they're trying to connect with the middle class, should they back the minimum wage? >> here's the real challenge that republicans face. because in these reds states when republicans are voting for minimum wage, the problem is wages have stagnated. >> for everyone. >> for everyone. and even the fed, janet yellen at the federal reserve says nobody's income is growing. dense that factor out, republicans haven't offered
1:29 am
anything else that's dpeling. >> what are they going to offer? they better offer something, because in 2016, it will be their congress policies that are rejected. >> the republicans will tell you the way to have wages go up is to grow the pie generally. to make the economy get back off of the stuttering slump it's been in. how do you do that? they'll say, you got to do tax reform. you got to take regulations out of the energy industry. you got to help businesses. >> you know what republicans are going to propose. they're going to propose tax cuts for the rich. when the economy good they propose tax cuts for the rich. when the economy is bad, they propose tax cuts for the rich. they have job bills which repeal obamacare and easing restrictions -- >> no. >> they're going to still try. some folks have said as much but it ain't going anywhere. >> we've got to leave it there. john, there's so much to talk to. a whole lot of breaking news with republicans winning big in
1:30 am
these midterm elections. congress will be drastically changed. "early start" continues right now. and the breaking news this morning, republicans taking control of the u.s. senate, pulling off big victories, also extending their edge in the house of representatives. and on top of it all, adding to their tally of governorships across the country. this morning, we will show you the new makeup of congress. how it it it will dramatically affect president obama's last two years in office and so much more. "early start's" special election coverage starts right now. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> great to see you. i'm john berman. it's 30 minutes past the hour. and the major breaking news this morning, republicans, they will be in charge of the united states senate and the republicans did it in a big way. >> it was a night that many forecasts will be filled with close contests, instead, it was near to a blowout by republicans who picked up more than the six
1:31 am
seats they needed to control the senate. races are still unsettled this morning in alaska and louisiana. but as things stand right now, republicans will hold at least 52 seats in the senate. picking up seven over the current congress, democrats will hold 45. i want to begin with the republican pickups. west virginia has its first female senator, republican shelley moore capito defeating natalie tennant. capito marks 56 years since west virginia has elected a republican senator. and in south dakota, mike rounds easily defeat eed rick weiland d larry pressler. and easily defeating amanda turt its steve daines.
1:32 am
john welsh withdrew over allegations he plagiarized most of his speeches. and tom cotton defeated mark pryor. pryor tried running away from president obama, whose approval rating 34%. in i, was a history-making night, republican joni ernst picking up the seat by retiring john harken. ernst becoming the first republican win over bruce braley. spending $80 million in that campaign. >> she's going to be a big star when she gets to washington. and in colorado, it was a surprisingly smooth win for the republican corey guay gardner.
1:33 am
north carolina, this was the state that put it over the top for republicans, if you were watching our coverage last night. thom tillis defeated the income competent democrat kay hagan and that was the race that gave republicans control of the senate. kansas, one of the most hotly contested race in the senate, pat roberts won defeating the self-funded independent challenger greg orman. look at virginia. no one thought this race was going to be particularly close but there mark warner is claiming victory but the republican challenger ed gillespie has not conceded the race there. and cnn does not have enough information now to project who will win there. in new hampshire cnn has projected that democrat jeanne shaheen will hang on to her seat to it challenger scott brown who used to be from massachusetts. he's finally conceded after a delay. and mitch mcconnell, he not only
1:34 am
won the state race in the state of kentucky but now he is the man who will become the senate majority leader. no doubt something he's been planning for decades and decades, christine. >> all right. there are two more senate race where is the outcome is still not known this morning. let's start in louisiana, neither senator mary landrieu or her opponents got over the 50% threshold required for the seat. and in alaska where the polls didn't even close until midnight eastern time they are still counting votes at this hour. let's go to anchorage. cnn's drew griffin is stand by live for us this morning. drew, how is the counting going? >> reporter: well, it's still going, even though the party is over -- hi, guys, and they're tearing down the set here at election headquarters but 97% of the vote in. dan sullivan, the republican challenger is up 49% to 45% over mark begich, the democrat incumbent senator.
1:35 am
it certainly looks like a s sullivan win, a republican pickup. nobody is calling the race yet. mark begich just sent us a note saying they're waiting on the rural vote. they want to count 70 outstanding villages who haven't come in. they're telling me it's a mathematical possibility for begich to win but here we are. we're going to count it to the last drop, i guess to know who the senator is here in alaska. 97% of the vote in, it looks really good for the republicans, but we wait. >> it looks good for the republicans, but you wait. drew griffin, thank you. to louisiana where the race won't be known for weeks, democrat mary landrieu or bill cassidy got the 50% of the vote needed to win outright. that race will be decided in a two-candidate runoff election.
1:36 am
cnn's suzanne malveaux is live in new orleans. we knew there would probably have to be a runoff, we thought maybe it would hold the balance of the senate in question. but, no, it's very clear that republicans have the senate, isn't it? >> reporter: it's very clear. but this is one of those races that's going to take 32 days, christine, to actually sort it all out. so we're waiting as well. i had a chance to talk to senator landrieu earlier in the day, she felt relaxed that she would get that 50 plus 1, she did not. and quickly her campaign pivoted to being very aggressive going after bill cassidy. they said from the very beginning they were prosecuted for the runoff and that was very clear because she immediatelile challenged him to six debates before the runoff. also released a new slogan as well as as new website, saying where was bill, essentially going after his record, his louisiana record. and she also made a point very
1:37 am
aggressively that she said this is not a race she's going to allow to be about the president. this is exactly what he's been doing for weeks, and that is comparing her to president obama. that seems to be a winning formula. he also boasted that 60% of louisiana voters voted for change. and so she is going to have a very big challenge ahead. and christine, really, the calculus here, how many of those voters that went for the tea party candidate, 14%, how many of those she's able to capture. her staffers say this is not her first rodeo. she's won in runoffs before. this is her fourth go around so they're aggressive in trying to make this happen. >> supporters say she is a survivor. thank you, suzanne.
1:38 am
john. let's talk about the house of representatives. they were able to strengthen their hand. a few races do remain undecided this morning. but at the moment, republicans will have at least 241 seats in the house. that is when the new congress sits in january. that's a minimum of seven more than the 234 they had hold at the moment. democrats will have at least 174. this will undoubtedly strengthen the hand of john boehner as he deals with the president. perhaps as he deals with his own party. the question does remain what will it do to the issue of gridlock in washington. i want to talk more about that. let's bring in our team of analysts here, john avlon, editor of the daily beast. political strategic margaret hoover, errol louis, and sally kohn. i want to start with you. >> i've had worse. >> president obama coming out to talk this morning after the election defeat for his party.
1:39 am
he needs to say what? >> i think he needs to say it's not ais shellacking, it's a spe bump. when you look at who voted, when you look at how elections are going to go down the road in the future, there's still opportunity for democrats and more peril for republicans coming out of the election. they now have the challenge. they have three, they have to do with women, with young voters, and voters with color. if not, it's a speed bump. >> let's keep on that theme here. based on what happened overnight as we head into the day, republicans have changed what? >> i think republicans have changed sort of the terrain of power in washington. i expect the president, frankly, to say there's frustration out there. i share the frustration. i understand that people are upset. and i do expect him to somewhere along the line to point out that we've got record highs in the stock market. unemployment under 6%. you know, gas under $3 a gallon and that we're going in the
1:40 am
right direction but we have to get there faster. i think he has every right to sort of claim some credit for even an anemic recovery since it wasn't clear there was going to be a recovery. what has changed as far as republicans, will they choose to interpret it the same way. let's push in -- let's make the good things better. let's make the bad things go away. or is it going to be a power struggle for 2016 and beyond. john? >> look. the president should not simply address democrats saying look, we've got two more years in this term. i take the republicans at their word that we're going to work together. if he takes that tone and means it, and there's follow-through by both sides then we could see some things get done. i'm going to be hopeful. >> i don't know if any of you happen to remember in 2006 when president bush came out the next
1:41 am
day and acknowledged massive defeats, but what bush said was gracious. he acknowledged what the country had spoken. he said he was going to try to work hard with the new congress. that's exactly what this presidential strike -- you know what, he could actually have another piece of legislation. there's two years left. and the republican senate are eager to demonstrate they're not just going to be obstructionists. can they get something together? we had a pac entitlement reform. >> let me pose an issue that's very important to democratic voters, immigration. the president promised latino expanded voters there will be immigration reform. he has delayed and delayed it. he lost the victory among the voters. do you expect him, sally, to sign executive action? >> look, i expect him, first, in the spirit to go back to
1:42 am
congress and say this is something that we can work together. let's remember the senate passed bipartisan legislation reform. john boehner wouldn't even bring it up even when the votes were there to pass it. he has put conciliatory, often conservative ideas on the table. it's time -- i think he'll continue that and it's time for republicans to grow up. >> and we'll hear from republicans and of course cnn will be covering all of that. christine. the gop sweeping most of the competitive contests for governor across the country. now, we're still holding off projecting races in a few states. the democrats' only pickup is in pennsylvania. in illinois, a shocking upset in what has been a reliable blue state. illinois republican bruce rauner defeating pat quinn there. a big upset there. and maryland, republican larry
1:43 am
hogan winning the race. and another deep blow for democrats in massachusetts, republican charlie baker winning the governor's race over martha coakley. it comes after eight years of rule under governor deval patrick. and homeland security official asa hutchinson defeated mike ross after control of the government's state office after eight years in the hands of democrats. and the gop taking tight races where democrats were given decent odds to win. florida voters reelecting rick scott, scott dumped $14 million of his own money. he becomes the second only in florida to win re-election in wisconsin, scott walker won easily in double digits over martha burke. that keeps walker in the mix for
1:44 am
a possible presidential run. walker angered many voters, had to have a recall vote, remember, after he ended rights to employees. and nathan deal four more years he defeated jason carter, the grandson of former president jimmy carter. and doug ducey is going to replace january brewer. democrats have only one pickup, businessman tom wolf. he's the new golf of pennsylvania. he's the democrat defeating republican tom corbett in his bid for re-election. another race so close we have not yet projected a winner later this hour in colorado, democrat john hickenlooper locked in a dead head with republican bob
1:45 am
beauprez. john. >> we continue with the breaking news. big night for republicans in congress. but what does it mean for 2016? that's coming up. when it comes to medicare, everyone talks
1:46 am
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all right. while most of you were sleeping, republicans swept the power in the senate, made big gains in the house. the big question is, was president obama the toxic factor that helped take down the democrats. tom foreman breaking it down live. tom? >> john, take a look at this,
1:49 am
because if you take nothing else away from this election, take this away. this was the map in 2008 when barack obama was at the height of his popularity, swept to power. look at the blue intermingled with red out here. big happy nation, everyone working together. by 2010, watch the blue start fading. by 2012, even more. and here we are now. look at that difference again. 2008 -- now. that is a gigantic change out there. there are so many places that did buy into the idea of this democratic revolution of barack obama changing everything. all of a sudden seem to have really given up on it. you ask the question, is it about barack obama? well, let's take a look at what we saw in our exit polls throughout. nationwide of all the people who voted, 55% of those people disapproved of barack obama so they went in the opposite direction. and what happened in specific states as well, with congress, congress is 78%.
1:50 am
but if you look at what happened with president obama, north carolina, 56% disapprove. new hampshire, 56% disapprove. iowa, where barack obama began his great trip to the presidency, with all that enthusiasm, voted for him twice, two elections. 60% now disapprove of him there. if you go on to colorado, same thing, two times they voted for barack obama, 56% disapprove. there's no question for many voters out there, this was a vote against barack obama and the whole idea of the juggernaut making things better. what we've heard so many times, voters saying, john, we tried. we wanted to believe. protest vote, you can call it that if you wish, nonetheless, there's undeniable a link between this change in the landscape and what people feel about this president. >> it explains why he wasn't out campaigning in many of these states. thanks. really interesting
1:51 am
initiatives, it was a huge win for republicans but progressive issues winning big among them increase in the minimum wage, widespread marijuana laws gaining widespread approval. in illinois this was an advisory referendum 60% of illinois voters voted to raise the minimum wage. in arkansas, that number was 65%. these are solidly red states here where you have a majority of folks approving of the minimum wage increase across the board here. i want to talk about marijuana issues here. in washington, this is a legalization on the ballot there. 70% in washington, d.c. in florida, though, narrowly rejecting, 42% said no. oregon and alaska still waiting for the numbers to come in. looking good for those. gun rights in washington state, there was a really interesting gun measure. two of them on the ballot. this initiative would have tightened rights for gun owners. and that was rejected, 55%. due process require for gun removal and no background checks. that was an interesting one
1:52 am
here. but on the flip side, another measure, background checks, gun shows and online, 60% of what voted for those background checks. so that suggests some tighter restrictions for gun owners in washington state. i want to return to our cnn political analysts. pretty interesting this was called the repudiation of president obama yet so many democratic-backed initials made it. john. >> you're seeing it move in that way, no question about it from minimum wage to marijuana laws. in some ways, republicans are a check on those changes. one point about the marijuana laws in washington, d.c., if members of congress or d.c. residents they can now buy and smoke pot so maybe they'll -- that's how they're going to get together. >> legally. legally. sally? >> i mean, look, as i put it out before, i lot of these races,
1:53 am
republicans ran in opposition to where they previously had been on the social issues. so in colorado, cory gardner was a strong supporter of the so-called fetal personhood anti-abortion measure. and then turned around. dan sullivan was against raising the minimum wage, the proposal was yo overwhelmingly popular, he decided to come away from that. listen, republicans, join us. >> in a lot of these states, you've got people really, really suffering and you can't just walk away from them. in fact, look, this is what bill clinton used to do. this is what obama used to do. you can take issues from your rival party and make them your own. that's how politics work. >> you're exactly right on minimum wage. republicans are just going to have to have policies that can counter democratic points that aren't doing very well. if you don't, you end up
1:54 am
endorsing minimum wage. >> with the campaign against that, he's dead set about raising the minimum wage. >> but the federal action in washington, the states are going to do it. what is the federal action in washington going to be in the next two years? and what is the risk for republicans if they don't do something that appeals to the middle class? >> nothing. they're going to fall back on laboratories and let the states decide. that is the solution. i don't think it's sufficient. >> but to suggest that congress is not going to get anything done, look, i think they understand the table is being set for 2016. they know they're not going to be an obstructionist party for last two years of the presidency. >> john. >> great to have you with us all morning. we continue to following the breaking news. a big night for republicans. a big important day for president obama. how will he respond? "new day" takes it and breaks it all down. after the break.
1:55 am
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we are heading to washington. >> we have swept this nation. >> kentuckians said we can do better. >> this is a major, major rejection. the republicans are going to be the majority. >> tonight, we've seen the kentucky wants someone to stand up to president obama. >> it's time to turn this country around. >> we are going to make them squeal. >> somehow, i think, senator reed's going to have a different office 0 signment come january. >> tide has turned and the era of the obama greed gridlock is over.
1:59 am
well, you couldn't ask for more to happen on an election night that we saw. that is for sure. good morning to you, welcome to a special edition of "new day." it is wednesday, november 5th. 5:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo. >> and i'm allison camarata. the americans have spoken. before tonight, democrats enjoyed a 55 to 45 senate advantage. fast forward to this morning. and it's a democratic debacle. republicans picking up at least seven seats to seize control of the senate. >> that's not just washington. the voters also with a message to governors across the country. look at what the u.s. looked like yesterday. gop flipping at least four states including blue strongholds like maryland, massachusetts. democrats picked up just one governorship in pennsylvania. we have reporters, as you would
2:00 am
expect, everywhere you need to be this morning. covering the pivotal races that shape this republican juggernaut movement. and some races not yet decided. so let's get the results look at the big senate contests. >> by the way, several races are not even decided yet, including as predicted alaska. the hotly contested senate race pitted democratic incumbent mark begich against challenger dan sullivan. we're watching those vote closely. and a nail-biter who close to call also in virginia. mark warner is claiming victory and ed gillespie has not conceded the senate race which could be headed to a recounts. and the neither democratic incumbent mary landrieu nor republican challenger bill cassidy got that magic 50% needed to written outright. so the runoff wbe


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